Paintings 1

The “Weeds” Series

“Sprout & Wing” Oil/metal leaf/cut-work on birch panel 23″ x 67″ 2017


“Queen Dandelion” oil/metal leaf/cutwork on layered panel

38″ x 38″ 2017


“The Dark Crumble (Goldfinch)”

oil/metal leaf/cutwork on layered birch panel

40″ x 67″ 2017

private collection

“Elemental Suspension” oil/metal leaf on birch panel, 40″ x 80″ 2017


“Flutter & Dart” oil/acrylic/metal leaf on birch panel

40″ x 80″ 2017

Depending on the lighting conditions, the metal leaf can look cooler or warmer… under natural light the leaf will begin to glow warmer at the end of the day, as the painted areas begin to silhouette.